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 Shanghai Smart Power the sincere service, with the greatest sincerity to meet user needs, as one of the enterprise culture established a strong technical support and services, professional team, to provide users with a variety of technical training and technical support, help the user to correct choice and use of products, timely for users to eliminate use of the fault. At the same time, through the extensive collection of after-sales service in a variety of failures, problems, opinions and requirements of the information, and constantly improve and improve our design, manufacturing and service quality, to provide users with quality products and services. Quality assurance and after sales.

Service commitment >
18 within 12 months after the project is put into operation or within 1 months after delivery of the product as a quality assurance period.
2 our company be responsible for the quality of purchased parts and equipment, strict quality inspection for the procurement of parts of equipment.
3 our company guarantee to provide the equipment is completely new and not used, after strict factory performance testing and quality testing, advanced technology and mature and reliable modern products. Ensure the quality, specifications and performance as specified in the bidding documents. Ensure that the equipment provided by the correct installation, normal operation and maintenance of the case, the operation of safe and reliable.
4. In the provisions of the contract quality guarantee period, our company due to defects in the design, manufacturing and materials, outsourcing supporting parts caused by the equipment supplied by any damage, defect or fault, my company is responsible for the repair or replacement of defective equipment, in order to meet the requirements stipulated in the technical conditions.
5 quality assurance period, our company have the duty paid to provide life-long maintenance equipment.
6 my company to ensure that after receiving complaints from users in response to the needs of users in a timely manner.
Establish user files, improve product quality
Customer service department in addition to the collection, processing and tracking the users complaints, but also to develop a user review plan, the initiative to regularly consult the users views, such as user visits and issued the user opinion questionnaire and so on. At the same time, the establishment of user files, record the operation of products, to improve product quality and service quality to provide the basis for.
Pay more attention to user training, for the user to better understand the characteristics of the companys products, use and maintenance, in order to ensure the inherent use of the value of the product to be fully play, to extend the service life of the product, the establishment of the training department to select users and internal staff training, training for the user to provide training services include:
1 field operator training: my company engineering and technical personnel in the equipment installation, commissioning, to the field operation personnel training, mainly the installation of the use and maintenance of knowledge, so that the operator can correctly operate the equipment and equipment daily maintenance and troubleshooting.
2. Organize users to the company training: users require users to organize the company training, by the company selected has the ability of full-time teacher lectures, training contents include: a comprehensive understanding of the working principle and the hardware and software knowledge, understand the product installation, use, operation and maintenance, to understand the common fault processing method and related technology status and comparison of similar products.
3 companies sent full-time training teachers to the user unit of training: application requirements, our company can send a full-time training teachers to user units for user training, training, operation and maintenance, to understand the common fault processing methods, the status of related technologies and similar products, etc..

Service Guide >

The customer service department is provided with a hot line telephone service, which is received by a full-time engineer to ensure that the user is in the process of using the equipment, and to receive technical support and service in time. For equipment failure of the complaint, I guarantee that after receiving complaints from users in response to the users maintenance needs in a timely manner. No matter when and where, I guarantee that the company will be the fastest speed for the user to solve the problem of equipment.
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